Cities, culture, sports, placemaking, travel.

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RM Studio/Metviplay

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What I can do for you

I’m a multidisciplinary entrepreneur, consultant, and artist. I work with cities, culture, sports and travel with a concept called placemaking, which aims at creating places for people through a combination of design and activities.

I provide consultation services to organizations and companies working with public space to activate urban spaces, through events and activities that attract people, build communities and advocate for local culture.

Place and walking audit

How attractive is your place and how easy is it to walk there? I can make an audit of a public space you manage and identify room for improvement.

Public Space and Place Marketing Strategy

I can enact a Public Space and Place Marketing Strategy to attract more people to your commercial property, neighborhood, city, or region. I have various online and offline tools to help you, including social media, pop-up street marketing, wayfinding design, and Extended Reality marketing through the Metviplay app that I created.

Event planning and marketing

I can help you create immersive experiences with cultural and sports events, which I have been doing since 2015.

I’m also a musician, composer and multimedia artist with several international exhibitions and performances. My other work include Metvibee, a participatory urban design platform; Metviplay, a brand for urban activities and games; and Norrsken Orienteering, a sports club in Stockholm focusing on urban events.

I’m based in Stockholm, Sweden, but I’m enthusiastic with working with clients around the world.

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