New work: Rhapsody on School Songs in Hong Kong, Op. 21

Another work done: this time a jolly medley-rhapsody on a bunch of school songs in Hong Kong. It started off as an attempt (in 2008 or 2009) to write an overture in anticipation of Wah Yan’s 90th anniversary, but it was never completed beyond the point of quoting the WYHK school song. Then later (after I got into university in 2011) I often imagined an exuberant arrangement of Queen’s College’s school song. In July this year I started to expand the idea into a full piece, quoting quite a number of school songs/hymns. Finally I completed this yesterday (15 Dec 2012).

No hidden meanings in this piece – except at one point. Try to find that out (clue: the two school songs fight against each other).

School songs included (not exhaustive and not necessarily in order):
-Wah Yan College, HK (depicted in pic)
-Wah Yan College, Kowloon
-Diocesan Boys School
-Diocesan Girls School
-King’s College
-La Salle College
-Ying Wa College
-Belilios Girls School
-Good Hope School
-True Light Girls’ College
-Pui Ching Middle School
-St. Paul’s College
-St. Paul’s Convent School
-St. Stephen Girl’s College
-Sacred Heart Canossian College
-St. Joseph’s College
-school hymn for most Sheng Kung Hui secondary schools
-school song for Tung Wah Group of Hospitals schools
-Queen’s College / Heep Yunn School (same melody)
-CUHK Chung Chi College / Lingnan schools (same melody)


2 thoughts on “New work: Rhapsody on School Songs in Hong Kong, Op. 21

  1. Rosalind says:

    Hi Raphael, I’m a DGS old girl and really enjoyed listiening to this. Would you tell more about writing this and the performance of it? Great job!!


    • raphaelmak says:

      Hi Rosalind, really thanks for your appreciation! 😀

      I expanded this on the basis of a “Wahyan Overture” I originally wanted to write several years ago but which never got beyond the first few minutes. Then in 2011 I became (somewhat) addicted to the school song of Queen’s College (the melody for Heep Yunn’s as well) and eventually evolved into the idea of writing a medley-fantasy of school songs. So the completed opening part of the “Wahyan Overture” was reused and expanded to become this medley. I had great fun in moulding and arranging these school songs – an exciting job to do when I have other more “serious” works in progress (e.g. a symphony which I have been working on for 2 years and is not yet complete). X)

      Performance – actually the one on Youtube is just computer generated from Finale… I’d love to give a real orchestral performance if I had the chance, but it’s hard to find or ensemble an orchestra for performance, let alone rehearsing. (For this reason none of my orchestral works have been premiered yet in real life.)


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