Hong Kong Marathon 2013

Yes, I know this has no directly relation with music, but this is so important an event which deserves mention. (In any event, I plan to add in sport posts here soon, perhaps starting with orienteering maps.)

Today I completed my second marathon in 3 hours 4 minutes. (Almost got the below-three-hour bonus of $1000). The weather is perfect, though it gets really windy over the bridges. I had started with a pace faster than last year (finished with 3 hours 16 minutes). Marathon finishers below three and a half hours are entitled to an advanced starting position, but I thought it would not make too much a difference so I didn’t use it. I had a hard time weaving through seas of runners at the first few kilometres. When I got to halfway I thought I might have a chance of getting the $1000 bonus. I had a hard time trying to keep up the pace, especially for the final 6 kilometres on Hong Kong Island. When I saw the official clock at a point around 1.2km to finish (2 minutes to 3 hours), I knew I failed.

Obviously I needed more training AND I’m stupid enough not to use the advanced start. Maybe next year!


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