“Musician – Sportsman”

The title (Musician-sportsman) is how I see myself: both a musician and a sportsman.

Musician: this one is more obvious, I study music in a university, and I am an amateur composer (as the other posts on this blog show). I play the flute; I play in a youth orchestra. Music is one half of my life.

Sportsman: this one I often hate to admit, but is a matter of fact: I love running; although not really high profile (I don’t even run in university sports events now), I have the obsession to keep running, and has attempted the marathon twice. I still regularly practise with my juniors at secondary school. On the other hand, I play orienteering (which to many might not seem so obvious a sport, but indeed it is, and can be a serious one), and in recent years have been increasingly enjoying it; besides being a nature lover, one of the great things is that the orienteering community is not too big and it’s easy to make new friends.

The interesting bit is the interaction between running, music and orienteering. My pursuit in running has left me with a rash personality that seems to conflict with the latter two. I am learning to stay cool and sound at most times, so as to excel in the latter two – an exercise of balance between things.

But I started all three with the intention that I have some activities to excel in Wah Yan. I am not really excellent – but seems my fellow Wahyanites have got to know me by both identities.

Quite often, I think I cannot manage both music and sports and seek to quit one of them (especially that I study music now this almost certainly means I should concentrate on music and not think of sports, as some advised me). But I found that I cannot break that balance – they are both integral sides of myself. And I have to admit that.

I cannot be sure if I am the first Wahyanite to get both the “Musician-” and “Sportsman of the year” prizes. I still think today that I am just half qualified to get them, especially the latter. I am no elite musician, let alone elite sportsman. But I have found a very unique picture of myself – a picture of variety and colour. This is me – a “musician-sportsman”.


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