Island Scout Trail Walk 2013

Island Scout Trail Walk 2013
Course: entire Hong Kong Trail in reverse direction (Big Wave Bay -> Victoria Peak) 50km
Time used: 7:08 (as officially timed)
Result: 1st in member category / 2nd for all categories

Thank you very much Chun Fung, Vincent and Adam
We’ve achieved what was previously impossible – to beat 221st and win

The process can be said to be dramatic – early in the race in the middle of a long catchwater section we were overtaken by the team of 221st (note: the 221st Hong Kong Group consists of youth inmates in Stanley Prison, and are trained by the Correctional Services Department of the HK Gov’t), and our team morale died down. Fortunately we were able to pick back morale as we ascended the Tai Tam incline. We overtook them again as we climbed Mt. Butler and managed to increase the margin of advance. Endurance and humid weather proved to be challenges for team members, but we still managed to insist all the way to the finish.


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