Colour-code event 31 Mar 2013 (Luk Chau Shan near Ma On Shan)


Second colour-code event in 2013, the first on 24 Feb which I of course didn’t go in favour of the marathon.
The weather forecast for this day was “thunderstorms” even up to yesterday, but luckily the weather turned out to be just cloudy with only droplets of rain (all showers having poured the previous evening) so the event went as usual.

Course: brown, time used: 1:19:22, winning time: 1:03:xx ->797 points
Due to overlapping route, colours used in above pic: S-7 green, 7-10 light blue, 10-F purple

S-1 a “traffic jam” at the junction under the up-going path, otherwise no big deal [earth wall marked wrongly: path goes south of wall in real life]
1-2 (almost) mistaken the stone wall which I passed by with the one to its NW
2-3 forced myself to try take an off-path route; still have to re-attack the point from the saddle down
3-4 [path just E of 3 i.e. #174 not shown on map]
4-5 thick undergrowth; hesitated one re-entrant short of control as I see people trying to find it
5-6 control feature very much hidden in undergrowth
6-7 as I exit 6 i.e. #150, much slowed down by undergrowth trying to reach path
7-8 thought for a moment of a westward route choice (passing thru open land on hill), but soon decided on the eastward route; mistook location relative to spur for a moment during descent from water station
8-9 well done
9-10 well done
10-11 harsh climb from the base on
11-12 again a harsh climb; later heard of a better attack point to the S of water point (at saddle)
12-13 fatigue causing too rushed gait and (almost) path mistaking
13-14 shortcut taken; perhaps need not to be so hesitant
14-F a short sprint to the finish

This map seems to be directly extracted and enlarged from a 1:10000 Ngong Ping (Sai Kung) map originally drawn by Geoff Peck, of a version used in the Annual Championships long race in late Dec 2012, not the FOC map previously used for the area. Many details are thus lost and examples of inaccuracies are given above in square brackets. Comparison is given below:
SCN_0096FOC map Aug 2012 version ngongpingsk_annual2012Peck’s map Dec 2012 version (NW part is the area extracted)

Despite the inaccuracies there seems to be reasons why Peck’s map is used, among them the fire barrier (SE of area) and some areas that seemed to be burned out quite recently (and perhaps it just turns out Peck’s map was the one updated AND the course setter wants to save effort from updating the map again).


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