“To the Top” race 7 April 2013

Hui Yau-chiu, notable for organizing sprint orienteering races under the name of Y2Y, ventures into the organization of cross-country running  events with the captioned race. I ran in the 30km route thus: 深井 – 圓墩 – 吉慶橋 – 清快塘 – 石龍拱 – 蓮花山 – 白石橋 – 牛寮 – 荃錦坳 – 施樂園 – a circuit back up to Tai Mo Shan – new Maclehose Trail back down to Rotary Park at 荃錦坳.

This is a really tough race with an accumulated climb of 1800m, coupled with the rough surface of most paths. Muscle cramp became unavoidable especially at the later part of the race. Nonetheless I finished it at men’s position 25th with 3 hours 36 minutes 59 seconds.

If I have time, I might post the route drawn on various orienteering maps of the area where available (圓墩 and the six combinable maps around Tsuen Wan i.e. 石龍拱 – 花山 – 白石橋 – 牛寮 – 扶輪公園 – 大帽山).


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