Composition course project: Breaking the Mist

As part of the project for the Composition (I) course, a performance of each student’s composition coursework is made today (9 April). My work is titled Breaking the Mist written for a string quintet of 2 violins, 2 violas and 1 cello. The parts are performed by Camille Poon, Paul Koo, Chan Wai-Bun, Clara Lok (first 4 from Music Dept.) and Jonathan Cheng (WYHK) respectively.

I had originally planned to write a string quartet for the course project, which would double as a finale for my planned string quartet. But then I thought of a scale formed of alternating pitch intervals of ‘2’s and ‘3’s (major 2nd and minor 3rd respectively), which is basically derived from the pentatonic scale (the “anhemitonic” one). I based the work on this derived scale, resulting in a rather atonal sound, interlaced with sections of more diatonicism.

Two rehearsals were done, the first on Sunday evening (after I had the “To The Top” race) and the second today just before the concert. Some minor mistakes were still made, but it went through and the sound effect was great.


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