“Self-training” in Hong Kong Park

As a kind of “self-training”, I designed an 81-point course for Hong Kong Park, resembling some kind of “control picking”. I tried it this morning and finished with 32’26”. Before that I ran for a while with the boys in my secondary school (Wah Yan HK). Everything is nearby my home so I can run directly from my home to Wah Yan, run with my boys and then back to Hong Kong Park to tackle this course, before returning home for a good bath and typing this post.

After point 16 I wrongly went to point 23 and reversed the course, only realizing this at point 17, and so I had to continue from that point on. Looks like a nice exercise for combating against fatigue.
hkpark_20130412_2 SAMSUNG

Copyright of original map goes to the Scout Orienteering Club of Hong Kong. (I added the contours in a rough manner)

Since half of the map info is cut off when I scanned it (the original paper map that I have is longer than an A4 sheet), I feel obliged to copy it here:

1:1000 Survey Map (Lands Dept. H.K.)
Park-O Map produced by C.H. YAN

Field Survey & Cartography:
KEUNG Wah Tung (Jul 2002)
OAHK Map Reg. No. 02/2002
Map Updated by KEUNG Wah Tung (Dec 2008)
Map symbols are drawn using ISSOM”


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