14 Apr 2013 Relay-O @ Ngau Liu


The past Sunday is the annual orienteering relay race. I ran the third leg in my team with a time of 48:39. Team finished 2:27:16 at position 17 (category: MA).

I regret that my psychological condition was not so good and thus certain mistakes were made. Of course I still have to admit my inadequacies in orienteering skill.

Some major errors made:
S-1: lost time in thinking that the shortcut is impassable – reflex action due to “familiarity”? Also seems I should have went down the spur above the saddle instead…
4-5: not sensitive enough to terrain; mistook the right spur as an earlier one, luckily realized error when saw path
5-6: wrong bearing taken, thus went to one spur SE
6-7: mistakenly went into impassable vegetation when attempting to return to path from 6
11-12: tried to use junction as attack point and set bearing, but went in wrong direction and overshot, returned to path on E and retried at junction

Seems I should improve my compass accuracy and sense of distance. But above all, I’ll have to try not to be nervous when in the wild!


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