City orienteering – Yuen Long

Today a city orienteering event “in commemoration of the May Fourth movement” (Please Google if you don’t know what the May Fourth movement is) was held by the Federation of Trade Unions (a pro-Communist group) in Yuen Long area (plus Tin Shui Wai). Taking public transport is allowed.

My team of 3 took four points in Tin Shui Wai, then took the West Rail one stop to Long Ping. Went around the industrial area to get points – unfortunately a path was marked erroneously that it actually doesn’t cross the river, so a point with high score cannot be taken. Physical condition turned out to be a limiting factor against going a full circuit around Yuen Long. Taking two more points in Yuen Long town, we took the West Rail again to Tin Shui Wai and took two more before hurrying to the finish. We got 310 points and ranked 5th in the men open category.


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