Busy weekend coming

With all term examinations gone, the summer semester begins with the intensive German course I am taking in the university, using up all weekday mornings. Then, with the anticipated turn of May to June, comes the busy weekend.

On Saturday there will be a technical training session by the HKOC – rescheduled from last last Friday (Buddha’s birthday) due to “thunderstorm warning”. Saturday night will be an MYO concert featuring Nick Vujicic – the famous man with no arms and legs. Sunday will be sprint ranking + trail-O event in Shenzhen (Garden Expo Park), again rescheduled to that day due to weather. The weather over this weekend is going to be fine, nevertheless, with Affenhitze (google for its meaning if you don’t understand).

And there are various composition and orienteering-mapping works to complete, following up affairs of my own compositional concert and back in Wah Yan, etc. etc.

And I still have yet to talk about the team-O competition the past Saturday. Phew!


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