The past ten days

Within the past ten days much has been done. The team orienteering competition (organizer is “Hong Kong Community of Education in Orienteering” on 25 May, on Victoria Peak, has earned us (an all-Wahyanite team) a bronze medal. Four in a team, we organized our “free controls” (those not linked with the violet line) thus: (map copyright goes to HKCEO)

Team members: R is Raphael (me), D is Dickin, J is Jason, W is Wong Tsz-Fung

It does not turn out to be a nice job division, seems that I could have helped with more free controls.

In case you don’t know how this game works: the course with sequence drawn are the compulsory controls, which every team member must visit; other controls scattered around are free controls, which at least one team member must visit. The goal is to divide up the free controls among members such that time is minimized; discussion is done after start. The time used by the team is defined by the time of the last team member passing the finish.

A simple trail orienteering competition is also organized on the same day.

Then for the week I have started on my intensive German course and thus very busy.

On the just-past Saturday (1 June), there is in the afternoon a training session by HKOC in Tai Tong near Yuen Long. Window orienteering and control-picking are included. (Map to be uploaded later)

(Window orienteering is to white-out the bulk of the map, leaving squares of map around controls (windows). Though this, compass, pacing and relocation skills can be practised. Control-picking involves a course with short inter-control distances and large direction changes, practising fine orienteering skills.)

On the same night I have the concert featuring Nick Vujicic (the famous man with no hands and legs). Besides the inspiring speech, what impressed me is the witty style of Nick’s speech.

On Sunday (2 June) a sprint ranking event is held in the Garden Expo Park in Shenzhen.


This event earned me a bronze medal plus 900+ ranking score. The weather was super hot, with air temperature reaching 33 degrees Celcius (typical southern China summer weather), and halfway in the race my speed of thinking was somehow affected (like many people did I speculate). Luckily, the silly conditions a few weeks ago in Zhongshan Park were not repeated. (At least the length this time is 2.9km, not as crazy as 4.3km for the Zhongshan Park.) Nevertheless, some route choices are not optimal, for example 4-5/8-9/9-10.

Wrongly-placed controls such as #41 (11th control on this course) were reported. (c.f.

In the afternoon there was a trail orienteering competition at the same venue. This time it was much harder, and I only got two questions correct out of fourteen (my bad). Nevertheless there are some map and flag placement problems (e.g. at #13 with the vegetation boundary) discussed.
gardenexpopark_20130602_trailo gardenexpopark_20130602_trailo_soln

Map copyright goes to Chinahealth/Y2Y.


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