7 July: Orienteering in mainland China again

So as the WOC folds open and we watch on, on the other side of the world, I went back to the place with a group of orienteering friends where we had a ranking event last December. That place was Shengang, in Conghua near Guangzhou. This time the event is a provincial (Guangdong) ranking post-season middle distance event, to which we batch-enrolled for some fun.

The weather was not fun – the usual south-Chinese Affenhitze with occasional rain. We reached there only at noon and started soon afterwards. Later in the afternoon there was torrential rain – when most of us have already finished and thereafter having late lunch.

Comment on performance: have much more confidence on running in woods. Earlier technical training paid off to some extent. However, some route choices are not optimal e.g. 4->5, 11->12. Some legs e.g. 16->17 are affected by deviation in bearing – may need more compass practice. 20->21 even thought there is a mysterious unmapped river northeast of 20 (#69) but seems that I have hit the mapped uncrossable river to the east, made a silly large detour thereafter. Effect of oxygen debt was pronounced. 21->22 almost got into the out-of-bounds area and one competitor even got trapped within the walls of the private housing estate (i.e. into the north side of the stone wall after turning left from bridge).





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