18 Aug 2013 – Sprint ranking and trail-o events

Morning: 3rd ranking event of the year which is a sprint event, held at Chaiwan (the town park plus adjacent public estates). The resulting race is challenging – turned out to be not so good for me as I was too nervous and did the first few controls with bad flow. Later in the race I even ran in the wrong direction mistaking buildings for one another perhaps due to oxygen debt. >.<

Managed to get a first rank in M21 class though I know its just luck. Much to improve technically! Though some aspects e.g. flow has largely improved.

Afternoon: trail orienteering event – this time fared better with 10/15 questions correct but some wrong answers are due to that I don’t know the meaning of the arrows in the last column. (They mean viewing direction, actually) Got the first timed control (out of two) wrong due to north-south reversal! Silly me.

Cheerios to Mr. Cheung (Kwok-wai, a.k.a. 40000) for discovering and obtaining permission for use of this wonderful venue for an exciting race!

Chaiwan copyright goes to HKOC

Concert preparation have to be in full gear now – less than two weeks left (31 Aug).


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