Working map preview – Taipingshan district

The Taipingshan district is an “old city” area in Central/Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island. It is named after Victoria Peak which towers behind it.

In the 19th century it was densely populated with poor living conditions, and one of the most horrid memories of the city originated here: the bubonic plague, which eventually lead to demolition of whole street blocks, the resulting open land becoming today’s Blake Garden (named after a governor of Hong Kong).

With the outward expansion of the city, population density in the Taipingshan district have (seemingly) decreased and today the area is a quiet one. Heritage (e.g. Man Mo Temple) and curios shops remain important tourist attractions, and certain restaurants and dai-pai-dongs are famous among Hongkongers for their delicacy. Together with numerous small shops they give the district a lovely character. The myriad of backstreets, cul-de-sacs and staircases offer possible exciting orienteering possibilities – the reason I am making this map.

The following is a part which has been done (1:4000, 2m contour interval).



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