September: busy again…

After the composition concert, it is semester time again.

Having enrolled in a course on urban spaces and a course on modern architecture (I intend to take urban studies as a minor), my busy moment came early in September with projects and assignments. Thus, orienteering map drawing came to a halt after I had completed a map of the new Government headquarters at Tamar. Some progress was made for the Taipingshan map though, since I have to go there for the urban space assignment.

Music composition continued with some drafting, but effort has to be redirected to the composition course project this semester: for a percussion ensemble of four (since my department has invited a percussion ensemble as resident performer this year). What a challenge.

There will be an MYO concert on 27 Oct – programme includes Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody (orchestration), Brahms 2nd symphony finale, overture from Die Fledermaus, as well as two famous concertante works for violin (with MYO members chosen as soloists): Czardas and Zigeunerweisen.

Orienteering went on well, but since September is still very much summer in Hong Kong only sprint competitions are run. Orienteering in the wild mainly consisted of technical training.


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