December – and review of 2013

So today is the last day of 2013… and this will be a review of both December and (briefly) what has been achieved in 2013.

1 Dec: Orienteering sprint relay event.


7 and 8 Dec: I finally took my IELTS despite not applying for any exchanges nor planning to enrol in graduate schools overseas; a reimbursement is available for all final-year undergraduate students who take the test (this year is the last year for the reimbursement scheme).  Result – level 8.

14 Dec: MYO outdoor performance near Central Star Ferry, with a covered stage fronting a huge lawn – it rained all day, the air was crazy cold and the grassland became swamp. Performance cut short due to such harsh conditions.

15 Dec: HKOC Committee Cup. Chilly cold weather with rain. Severe mistake in foggy conditions and after only 5 hours of sleep.20131215_lukchaushan_route

18 Dec: My only examination this semester, which is for a general education course in logic. All other courses are assessed by projects or papers which I have darted to finish earlier this month (and late in last month as well).

21 Dec: “Joint School Orienteering Competition”. Aberdeen Reservoir – perfect place for a dashing, “pure-running” orienteering. Won the men open category.


22 Dec: Orienteering ranking event near Cuiheng, the village where Dr. Sun Yat-sen was born, now part of the city named after him (Zhongshan). (Indeed, the event centre was hosted in a school called “Sun Yat-sen Memorial School”.) Terrain was fun, but I was scared thoroughly by village dogs, adding to the lack of concentration throughout the race. Did not win – no adverse effect on ranking though since it’s already the end of year.


The map for Taipingshan neighbourhood is basically completed with contours to be added.


Christmas signals the coming of the annual championships in orienteering.

25 Dec: As always, Christmas day is for orienteering (quite hectic, no?). Annual championships – sprint, WRE event in Peng Chau. Overall 4th place and for the Hong Kong competitors 2nd place – big big surprise. 8xx WRE points. Hard work in the year paid off.


26 Dec: Annual championships – middle distance, WRE event. Cheung Ngau Shan near Yuen Long. Rough open land dominates, mastery of terrain navigation necessary – apparently I needed more practice on that and cross-country running. 21st place, 3xx WRE points.


29 Dec: Annual championships – long distance. First year completing the long distance within time limit, with considerable result – 9th place. Venue was the Ngong Ping in Sai Kung – very challenging with numerous collines, densely wooded valleys and deep marshes. (Last year’s annual long distance also took place there, which took me three and a half hours to complete i.e. overtime for a whole hour.)


Looking back on the year 2013, it has been a year full of breakthroughs, achievements and surprises.

Due to my hectic schedule I no longer finish music compositions that often as in the past – however my creative ideas are still flowing as ever. I hope I can devote a little more time in composition.

The concert in late summer, despite a “money-waster”, was really something I made happen. Thanks to all who came and supported me.

Studies are still doing well, and taking urban studies courses signifies another big interest of mine made official.

My greatest breakthrough is undeniably in orienteering – mapping, squad, National Championships, O-Ringen, ranking… many achievements which I have never before expected to happen. Hard work pays off – and will continue to pay off in the foreseeable future,

With less than three hours of the year 2013, I must say this has been the most fruitful year I have ever had. Thanks to everyone whom I have met, and who have supported me so greatly throughout this year.


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