Coming marathon – and coming concert

February (and the Year of the Horse) came, lots of food eaten, lots of red packet money obtained (yay!), lots of training carried out, and finally the long awaited annual marathon race in Hong Kong is forthcoming! The race, which has become a unique focal point for Hong Kong runners and the general community and a generator of chat topics, will take place the coming Sunday, the 16th of February.

The temperature dropped to 8 degrees Celsius in Victoria City and Kowloon, and 6 in much of the New Territories (including my university; I estimate it was just 5 degrees Celsius on the hilltop where I had my 08:30 lesson!). For a 7-million-strong populace which is accustomed to a sub-tropical climate, this already qualifies as “freezing cold”. Luckily weather forecast says it’s going to get warmer on Sunday (15-18 degrees Celsius).

And now, let’s change the topic to an upcoming MYO concert: “Who Played My Opera?” (simply put, selections of famous operatic excerpts.) [to take place on 9 March in the HK Cultural Centre; tickets available at URBTIX]


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