April – end of semester

Sorry for the two-month hiatus in which I have virtually a full schedule: orienteering, music making, lessons, homework… Finally all projects and essays are done and the semester ends after the exams which end on coming Friday. So I’ll talk about what happened in these two months:

Two ranking races – this year the orienteering ranking system in Hong Kong is changed to separate sprint and middle/long series (in line with the change in world ranking system); two middle/long ranking races were held on 23 February (Ah Kai Shan near Yuen Long) and 16 March (Pak Shek Kiu near Tsuen Wan). The race in February, mainly an open hilltop run, was a disaster for me, having mistook a hilltop as a terrace on map under fatigue; the March race was somewhat better, with forests and large paths and some open ground compass work. Sprint races will start in May.

Other races – I went silly in the MSF Orienteering Race (a score event) on 9 March, having failed to notice a control on the map. The team event a week earlier fared better with a medal; a colour-coded event occurred on 23 March. The HKOC Championships on 30 March (a prolonged sprint event) was also done well with a silver medal. The relay event on 13 April was the first time I ran in the hardest “mix(ed gender)” category and won a prize (again silver).

Facing the crazy everyday schedule and to-do lists, mapping and music composition works have all but stopped in the meantime (except the composition course assignment, for which I chose to write a string quartet work – a scherzo and trio).

Concert: MYO concert on 9 March (I had to hurry on the ferry after the MSF race), repertoire: excerpts from operas. Can’t participate in next concert (with the one-arm violinist Adrian Anantawan) since I will have left Hong Kong for vacation.

Currently I am in Australia for a training camp cum easter orienteering competitions. Will talk about that later, maybe when I get back to Hong Kong.



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