Composition project – Kowloon Rhapsody

Almost a month passed before I am writing a post on this event i.e. the composition project performance on 30 April. The ensemble-in-residence of the CUHK Music composition project this year (i.e. the ensemble that will perform submissions) is Jenga, a Hong Kong percussion quartet. Having written the Kowloon Rhapsody as assignment work last semester, it was just natural that I submitted it.

Kowloon Rhapsody was originally the title of a percussion concerto I wanted to write, but I was so unfamiliar with percussion stuff so I’d just shelved it. But the percussion composition project pushed me into writing something for percussion, and not willing to waste the idea, I picked it up again.

The writing of the piece was indeed inspired by the hustle and bustle of Kowloon, though even more exhilarating and dynamic elements such as the former Kai Tak Airport also have to play. These are interspersed with tales, origins and mysticism of of the area e.g. the nine dragons, the names of the hills (Lion Rock…) etc.

It’s so exciting to be able to hear the music one writes himself, live. And the performance went surprisingly well. The unwritten cadenzas were also well done by the percussionists.

Ask me personally for the recording.

Next post will probably be about the HKOC Night-O on 17 May, for which I took part in course setting.



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