Tallinn O-Week

The first impression of the weather in Tallinn was simply that it was very cold, and that it often rained. And it’s my first time to have consecutive six days of orienteering (indeed). So this Tallinn O-Week was no easy task for me. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia and a Hanseatic city by the Baltic Sea, is particularly famous for its medieval old town. Yet the woods and fields of Harjumaa that surround the city provide much joy for nature lovers.

It was only there when I realized how fierce the competition in the orienteering world is – for the two world ranking events (Monday sprint and Friday middle distance) I didn’t get much points, and for the middle distance I got only the minimum 10 points. The flat terrain sprinkled with knolls here and there (not unlike in Scandinavia) provided huge challenges and excellent training opportunities.

Monday: sprint WRE in the Estonian Open Air Museum (the kind of Skansen, but this is near complete flat) the need to cross woods adds to the challenge of the sprint orienteering


Tuesday: orienteering with free start in Nomme, an urban forest park; micro-o at the end


Wednesday: urban sprint orienteering to the south of the old town (unfortunately not the old town itself) challenging route choices


Thursday: orienteering with free start in Vaana-Joesuu; it was raining and my brain got cold producing more mistakes


Friday: middle distance WRE in Keila-Joa; rich of paths but the parts with denser vegetation were really challenging


Saturday: the famed 100-control race; it is divided into three parts, starting with a regular map, then a brown map, ending with a regular map (my GPS watch stopped automatically somewhere in the middle, only realized and restarted near the end of the course)




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