July: Tirol, WOC, O-Ringen

July was characterized by busy going here and there around Italy, Austria, and then to the annual orienteering carnival in Sweden… and now in Salzburg listening to Bruckner symphonies at the Festspiele. I’ll keep this short and leave the details later for the travel accounts.
The Tirol O-Festival was characterized by Hongkong-like terrain, with lots of roads and paths and good sunshine (although the sprint was done in chilly rain):
20140702_route 20140703_route 20140704_routeCAM04816Of note, it seems that in Austria the main competition class is called M19, which would otherwise have been mistaken as a junior class… I didn’t know that and enrolled in M-Open, though that decision enabled me to win a prize.The World Orienteering Championships this year took place in the cool mountains of northern Italy, while the sprint and sprint relay (the first sprint relay in a WOC) were held in Venice and Trento respectively, cities that are exciting for sprints. I am not as good as WOC standards so I have to resort to the spectator races, which are nonetheless challenging and fun.20140707_route 20140709_route 20140710_route CAM04877 CAM05010 CAM05216O-Ringen this year surprised participants with hot summer weather (not just in Scania but much of Sweden saw air temperatures of 27-30 degrees celsius), but the terrain was flat. The 50th edition of the biggest orienteering festival in the world saw much action and fanfare. This is also my first attempt in the super-hard H21L course, which demanded running 12km courses 4 out of 5 days.

20140720_route 20140721_route 20140722_route 20140724_route 20140725_route

10581806_10152630764125879_2118210085_n 10571000_10152630763535879_743588434_n

And finally I was here yesterday: (Ansfelden and St. Florian, the birthplace of the great master Bruckner and the place where he grew up as a choirboy and associated with in his life)

10563536_10152637696280879_788047347_n 10588524_10152637696460879_305307530_n 10570999_10152637696710879_1882832470_n


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