For almost four months I haven’t typed a post here – since last post I had also been to the Czech Republic for the Silesia Grand-Prix, then travelling around before returning to Hong Kong. The trip to Kazakhstan in September was met, unfortunately, with a right-ankle sprain accident, which meant that I have to miss the Asian Championships there.

That said, my time in Kazakhstan had been one of my most enjoyable: carefree, slow life, heavenly landscape.


Occupy Central

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, politics were boiling up on universal suffrage issues, particularly on the candidate nomination rules and the political control of the Chinese Communist Party; a university class strike has started when I was still in Kazakhstan. Within a week after I returned to Hong Kong, Occupy Central began (you probably all knew what happened, and what my political stances are. As a liberal I always envisage power decentralization).

This particular place became infamous as being the site of a particularly notorious case of police violence, whereby seven policemen beat a single protester. It became known as the “dark corner” (a better translation might be “sinister corner”).

CAM08043 sinistercorner_map

Troubles, troubles…

Controversy erupted after a 9km elite course in Cheung Sheung (extremely rare given orienteers’ ability in Hong Kong) was voided due to wrongly placed controls (there were two such incidents last year, shaking numerous innocent elite runners back into the open category). Further controversy arose with the high overtime rate among female runners (their course was only a little shorter than male), plus other problems such as wrongly placed finish and discrepancy in control descriptions across courses.

The first and sixteenth controls below were misplaced. In addition, the twenty-second (i.e. second last) control was actually placed to the southwest of the control, instead of north in description.

cheungsheung_20141026_1_route cheungsheung_20141026_2_route


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