Yes, I have shed my tears for being rejected by the graduate school of my own university.

But then anyway… perhaps one of my composition friends put it right: it’s always better to study in other graduate schools rather than that of your own university. (He also rightly summarized my experience as a low ebb coming tightly after a high tide.)  The only master’s admissions left for me are one composition programme (in Sweden) in main round, another (in Hong Kong) in clearing round (because I missed the main round application deadline), one symphony orchestra programme (in Sweden) for which I am going to have an audition, and an urban planning programme (in Hong Kong) which sees fierce competition for entry. It takes a wait of one or two more months to reveal where my future pathway is.

It turns out that my “lack of commitment on music” is not to blame, nor is it true. Rather, I have not researched early, wide or deep enough for graduate schools. Nonetheless, the bell is rung, and dreams require due commitment to materialize (plus a determination against all odds, especially paradigms). Bear that in mind, my readers.


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