Two years of hard fighting – one down, one to go

So that’s a year past – not an easy year and also one that is unexpectedly harsh. This is not so much in terms of academic rigour – as I originally expected – as the tight expectation to fulfil multiple duties at multiple contexts. Worse still, such expectations can be emotionally charged, serving no good purpose but hurting all those involved.

Such situations are not uncommon in the contemporary world, especially in a cosmopolitan society yet with rather strong conservative inclinations like Hong Kong, and I accept this as part of the rite of passage. However, if you can lessen the burden of someone else by growing up and learning to restrain your emotions and wants, why not?

The new studio is excellent, and I love it. One cannot, however, escape the fact that monotonous work in the studio makes huge pressure and unhappy lives, in turn leading to inefficient work.

Add in the “enigma” of the classmates falling ill one by one. Before I thought I would emerge victorious at the end of the semester, I fell ill myself. First a worse-than-normal oral ulcer that delivered fevers right before the exam, then a bacterial infection at the intestine that kept me awake in agony all night. Thanks God those are all over now.

One more year to go. The legal stuff and the electives (I chose transport for specialisation) are real challenges that make everything preceding look like a piece of cake. Yet those are the real stuff that I’m really interested in (or rather, intrigues me).

But none matches the personal room I’ve just tidied. I now get to have a large sunshine workplace, and I get to literally let go of my childhood in the process. (No, my childhood is a splendidly happy one. It’s just that my room has large piles dating from the two previous decades.)

Now that the summer holidays are here – I understand why everyone tries to get an internship in the holidays. While I’m still trying though (I have never got one), I have come to terms with the notion that a summer without internship is a happier and freer one. And you can always earn the money (and the experience) somewhere else, some other time.

Never mind even if I don’t get to have a career in urban planning in the end. I’ll keep seeking.


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