Orienteering · Orienteering coaching 定向教學 · Orienteering Level 1

定向(最)基本功: Stop, Set Map, Select (停、正置地圖、選擇前進方向)

由今日開始我會喺度打一堆定向相關教學。因為諗住係淺白教學,用中文 (粵語) 打。

我敢講,做咗Stop, Set Map, Select之後,超過一半嘅錯誤 (mistakes) 都會消失。


首先: 停喺度 (夠進階嘅,又或者想訓練得勁啲嘅,可以原地踏步)

跟住就係戲肉: Set map (正置地圖)

set map.png即係要將地圖同實地對正咁解。如圖,地圖上小徑方向同實際小徑對準,池塘喺小徑右邊。記得對埋前後左右地形邊邊高,邊邊低呀 (睇等高線 — 唔識嘅話遲下再教)!

最後: 你要行邊邊? 睇你條紫色線 (賽程,course) 指向邊啦,記得諗好哂去下一個control (checkpoint,控制點) 先好行呀。

其實stop, set map, select唔止定向有用呀,平時出街唔識路都有用架,開住Google Map問路記得set咗map先好行呀! 唔好做路痴係咁盪失路啦!

(註: 以我所知外國教練好少咁樣一套教嘅,不過相傳 (聲明,只係相傳,小弟未能證實) 係由瑞典黎香港支援定向發展多年嘅Perola Olsson推廣stop, set map, select嘅全套教法嘅,所以香港嘅教練通常都會使用呢個教法。)

Stop, set map, select is the most basic technique in orienteering and can probably prevent over half of the mistakes in a race. Stop really means to stop, set map means to rotate and align the map to match the real world features as seen by the runner (e.g. in the above picture, note the direction of the path and the relative position of the pond; you should also note the terrain around you, shown by the contours on the map), and finally select the correct path to the next control.

It’s not just useful in orienteering — it’s useful when you’re on the street with Google Map’s help too!

The teaching of the stop, set map, select technique as a package was said to be championed by Perola Olsson, a Swede who helped a lot in the development of orienteering in Hong Kong. Coaches in Hong Kong thus teach the basic technique in this manner, emphasizing its importance in the orienteering process.


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