Orchestral Piece for a New Era

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTQINBRf85M&feature=youtu.be Now with one year past I think I dare to post this here. It was a remarkable experience which I don't even know if there will be a repeat or anything that comes close. Again I could only say wherever my encounters take me. The minimalism is explicit; this has been pointed out by … Continue reading Orchestral Piece for a New Era


In transition

The HKOC Open Sprint Event was finally over last Sunday, successfully held save for major delays resulting from a faulty control unit and the resulting surge in results workload. This was my first orienteering event as organizer and I must thank every official and competitor who helped keep the event running, among other people who … Continue reading In transition

Yes, I have shed my tears for being rejected by the graduate school of my own university.

But then anyway... perhaps one of my composition friends put it right: it's always better to study in other graduate schools rather than that of your own university. (He also rightly summarized my experience as a low ebb coming tightly after a high tide.)  The only master's admissions left for me are one composition programme … Continue reading Yes, I have shed my tears for being rejected by the graduate school of my own university.

Mid-December – planning the year 2015

Mid-December 2014. Perhaps a bit late to plan the next year (or might be just in time). 2014 has been indeed a year never before experienced. Compositions, maps, super long trips. Ever tumultuous and changing society. Admiralty, Causeway Bay and Mongkok revolutionizes our urban spatial experience (and above all political, but remember that planning is … Continue reading Mid-December – planning the year 2015